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ECO-Green Systems Limited focuses on development of Environmentally Preferable products. Our vision is to bring Green Lifestyle to the society, and educate the new generation about environment protection.


ECO-Green is the local brand; we developed ECO Food Waste Composter in Hong Kong. Client include Hong Kong Government, well known housing estates, schools and charitable organizations, etc.



Food waste composter will not cause any pollution


 No waste Water


 No discharging to the sewers


 Not affect the sewage Treatment system



                Food Waste Composter


The Raise of Environment Protection consciousness

At present, most of Hong Kong's food waste is disposed of at landfills together with other municipal solid waste. In 2012, there were some 9,278 tonnes of MSW disposed of at landfills each day. Of these, about 3,337 tonnes (36%) were food waste, constituting the largest MSW category being landfilled. Among the food waste disposed of daily, some 809 tonnes were generated from commercial and industrial (C&I) sources such as restaurants, hotels, wet markets, food production and processing industries. In recent years, the amount of food waste arising from the C&I sectors has increased steadily: from less than 400 tonnes per day in 2002 to over 800 tonnes per day in 2012.

( Environment protection Department, 10 Feb 2015)


Government suggested the way to treatment the food waste:


 Econ-Green systems Limited put effort in recycle food waste into nutrients. Not only reducing land pollution, but also using it for farming.